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RaidWeb is pleased to announce the arrival of the ULTIMATE video post-production SAN system...



RAID for CCTV/Security

Data Storage for Security/CCTV is available (and cheaper than you think).


The Maestro RAID data storage line features 10Gb iSCSI or 8Gb Fibre rackmountable RAID disk arrays for ultimate connectivity and ease of use. Available up to 96TB native, expandable to over 300TB. Provides support for all popular RAID levels. Our Maestro RAIDs offer a modular design which maximizes availability - every major component on the unit can offer redundancy. An advanced GUI allows the user to setup, monitor and maintain units with incredible flexibility. 


Storing digital security/surveillance files has never been easier. Our mass data storage units allow almost any server or desktop computer to become a redundant, data protected file center. Our advanced technology allows network sharing and partitioning, so any administrator can quickly and easily allocate system resources.




 Fibre, iSCSI & SAS Data storage units for Security/CCTV Applications

Maestro 30S 16bay 8Gb Fibre RAID NOVA 39S 16 bay 1Gb iSCSI RAID NOVA 46S 24 bay 6Gb/s SAS RAID
Nova29S 12bay iSCSI RAID NOVA 39S 16 bay 1Gb iSCSI RAID NOVA 49S 24 bay iSCSI RAID
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iSCSI for Medical Storage Applications

Quickly and easily address data storage concerns unique to the healthcare industry with medical image storage devices and medical data storage devices from RaidWeb. These customized and cost effective solutions help dentist's offices, doctor's offices, mid-size healthcare providers, medical research facilities and pharmacies keep sensitive data protected. Let our personalized RAID storage systems help you address common medical data storage issues, such as:

  • Lack of adequate data storage capacity
  • Ability to grow with the business
  • Data security concerns 


IT Professionals find that RAID Storage solutions help them to:

  • Maintain peace-of-mind knowing that their data is secure
  • Easily attach to computers or servers
  • Faster configuration with fibre network ready set-up
  • Customize user access with flexible data partitioning


Business leaders find that RAID Storage solutions help them to:

  • Maintain peace-of-mind knowing that their data is secure
  • Rest assured data will be backed up on a single, protected machine
  • Decrease downtime with professional technical help for all aspects of the system
  • Lower cost of data storage


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