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RaidWeb Data Storage Devices and VMWare

Many RaidWeb data storage devices and network storage devices have been certified within the VMware Infrastructure 3 standard. This compatibility allows users the maximum usage of their data storage solution, with increased flexibility, scalability, and value. VMware allows virtualized storage across mixed storage and server environments, regardless of hardware or application OS.

Why Choose RaidWeb Data Storage Devices for VMWare applications?

With VMware and RAID technology, users can configure personalized environments to best suit their needs.

VMWare Technology Appliance Partnership

RaidWeb is proud to be a VMWare Technology Alliance Partner (TAP). As a result, we’re well equipped to develop and deliver joint solutions combining RaidWeb data storage devices and VMWare to address your unique situation. This one-stop-shop approach puts RaidWeb clients’ minds at ease knowing their needs are being met by a team of skilled professionals that understand VMWare integration. 

RaidWeb units certified for VMware include:

4Gb Fibre - SAS/SATA Units  iSCSI - SAS/SATA II Units  NAS to SATA Units
Janus8801 24 bay dual controller Janus6603 16 bay single controller Orion820 8 bay
Janus6601 16 bay dual controller Janus4503 12 bay single controller Orion410SR 4 bay
Janus6651S 16 bay single controller Janus4303 8 bay single controller Orion410ST 4 bay
Janus4551 12 bay single controller    
All NOVA iSCSI units All Maestro iSCSI units.