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Pegasus 220-GT


The Pegasus 220GT unit's advanced hardware design and software technology deliver airtight security, high performance, and centralized, cross-platform data management. The Pegasus series offers simple installation and operation, including data redundancy options to protect crucial data. The built in management software makes administration simple- change NAS setup with a few mouse clicks. The Pegasus is O/S independent, plug and play storage that is easy to use while offering the benefits of more costly systems.

  • Clients Type: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP/NT4.0/2000/2003, Macintosh System 7.x,8.x,9.x,10.x, Unix/Linux.
  • Network File Protocols: Microsoft Network(CIFS/SMB3.0), Apple Talk(AFP3.1) Internet (HTTP1.x), Unix/Linux(NFS3.0) with cross-platform sharing.
  • Network Transport Protocols: TCP/IP, Apple Talk.
  • Network Security: Microsoft 2000/2003 Domain Controller(PDC) Unix/Linux(NIS),User Level Security.


  • Up to 1TB of data storage JBOD.
  • Standard 128MB cache upgradeable to 512MB.
  • C3 800MHz processor.
  • 10/100/1000 base TX (RJ45) interfaces.
  • RAID 0, 1, JBOD capable.
  • 1 year parts/labor warranty.
  • Easy to use monitoring software for real time event display and notification for array status change.
  • 200 watt power supply.


  • PDF Data Sheet- Pegasus 220GT
  • Firmware and Manual Downloads
  • Support and Contact Information
  • RAID Parts & Accessories
  • Pegasus 220GT Maintenance Kit

Unit Pricing and Configuration Options

Pegasus 220GT NAS:
1.1TB @ RAID5 #81-PEG2-500 Includes 2 500GB IDE hard drives, 8MB cache, 7200rpm. $795
No hard drives #81-PEG2 Includes bare chassis, no hard drives. $625