Nova 20S 12 bay 8Gb Fibre RAID

  • Single controller with quad 8Gb FC hosts.
  • Capable of all major RAID levels. 
  • Advanced security features including Self Encrypting Disk (SED), Instant Sure Erase, 128 bit encryption. 
  • Scale up storage capacity to more than 240 drives with optional JBOD modules.
  • Redundant power supplies, fans, with modular design for easy maintenance and increased availability.
  • Snapshot technology and up to three parity drives for ultimate data security.
  • Flexible drive types (3.5-inch, SAS, SATA, or SSD)
  • Available options: Cache backup, five-year warranty, preconfiguration with 3.5" hard drives.
  • A perfect solution for: Data Centers, Medical, Academic, Enterprise storage,  Cloud Storage, Military, Government, Video/Audio Editing.

NOVA 20S 12 bay 8Gb Fibre RAID


The NOVA 20S is a single controller, quad 8Gb Fibre RAID storage system. Its compact 2U - 12 bay chassis features redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans for increased availability. The RAID controller, fans, and power supplies are modularized, allowing for easy removal from the rear of the unit. Also features a CGI-based GUI allowing easy, advanced remote configuration and monitoring using a web browser.On-line expansion allows the user to add drives to an existing array without interrupting operation. Available with a cache backup. NOVA RAIDs offer outstanding throughput. VMWare certified. Five year warranty available.

The NOVA 20S contains the following key functions:

  • Array Recovery
    The system provides an Array Recovery Utility that can aid a user in the event of multiple drive failures corrupting the RAID array of a Logical Disk and/or volumes. The feature enables users to recover lost disk members of a Disk Group, and will automatically recover Logical Disks and Volumes.
  • On-line Array Roaming
    Array member disks have recorded specific identifications, so when a RAID system or controller becomes faulty, this function provides an easy way to get the data back online by just moving the member disks to a same model working RAID system.
  • 2x 1Gb iSCSI per controller, iSCSI interface for remote replication.
  • SMARTCor. Functions
    SMARTCor. is embedded F/W feature which include 3 functions mainly for disks’ bad sectors monitoring and correction.

    DST (Disk Self Test) DST is used to test the health situation of disks installed in the RAID system. Prior to DST a user would have to remove disks individually and run a vendor proprietary disk utility in a separate host computer. DST predicts the likelihood of near-term HDD degradation of fault condition in advance. DST performs write test, servo analysis and read scan test on the disks.

    DS (Disk Scrubbing) DS can scan for bad sectors and/or parity errors in a RAID array. Allows the RAID controller to reconstruct bad sectors from other sectors and re-assign it to an undamaged area. At the same time it also detects parity inconsistency; users can decide whether or not to overwrite inconsistent parity. DS is a proactive approach to address data integrity.

    DC (Disk Clone) This function automatically copies data to a spare disk before the faltering disk identifies as failed by RAID system. Can be configured to trigger by the following conditions:
    Over bad block error threshold of disk. Detect SMART warning from disk. DC helps to prevent a rebuild from ever occurring, helping prevent the unit from entering a degraded mode.

  • Snapshot
    Snapshot is done by embedded F/W, without the needs to install any applications on the server. The array based, block level snapshot function leverages the computing power of the RAID system; it is host-independent, and application-independent. The shot data can be restored by using snapshot restore function. With the snapshot, a data image can be rolled back to a previous snapshot immediately, helping the user resume applications without waiting for data restore from backup media.
  • Remote Replication
    Remote Replication deploys snapshot technology with full data copies through volume mirror/copy. The target volume created through the volume mirror can be constantly synced with source volume. When a data volume fatally fails, the copy constantly synced can be rolled back for quick recovery. These functions are ideal for applications needing immediately data availability.
  • Web Based GUI: (Embedded graphic user interface) management interface can be accessed through a web browser. The GUI is java-based, and can configure arrays, slice sizes, lun mapping, etc. and also allows remote monitoring of drive health, fan, and power supplies.
  • MaxSure
    Embedded F/W feature to support SED (Self-Encrypting Drive), the drives are embedded with encryption ASIC and encryption key, to encrypt/decrypt data write/read to the drives automatically. The MaxSure include 2 functions: • Instant Secure Erase. • Authentication Key Management.
    The “MaxSure” integrated with SED prevents unauthorized access while drives are retired, stolen, returned for warranty or repurposed.
  • Symmetric Active-Active Redundancy
    Symmetric active-active controller redundancy mechanisms ease management of the IT environment and improve efficiency. It helps to simplify configuration on VMware clustered environments by eliminating the need to select a preferred path. There is no additional path management utility needed to manage multiple paths and load balance for operating systems already embedded MPIO.

Common applications for the NOVA 20S include:

  • Enterprise Storage
    Disk to Disk Backup
    Performance Driven HD 
    Video Streaming Applications
    Security and Surveillance
    Regulation Compliance Storage
    Disaster Recovery Storage
    Audio and Video Editing
    VOD for Education or Entertainment
    Fixed Content Archiving


  • Host Interface: Quad 8G Fibre channel, w/ iSCSI ports for replication.
  • Green Features: Auto disk standby, advanced cooling, 80 PLUS energy-efficient power supplies.
  • Number of Host Channels: 4 per controller. 
  • External Connector Type: SFP
  • JBOD Expansion: Nova 34S, Nova 34R, Nova 44S, Nova 44R.
  • Controller : Single
  • Controller CPU:  1.2GHz Intel processor
  • Memory: 2GB, upgradeable to 4GB
  • Virtualization: VMWare; Hyper-V; Citrix
  • Linux, Mac, Windows OS support
  • Hot Swap Disk Tray: 3.5" hot-swappable tray
  • Hot Swap Fan: 2 x Turbo Fan
  • Hot Swap Power supplies: 2 x 400W
  • AC Input Voltage: 100 to 240V (+/- 10%), 47 to 63 Hz
  • RAID Levels: JBOD, 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, NRAID
  • Data Rebuild: Automatic Data Regeneration
  • Online Expansion: Yes
  • RAID Management: LCM; Serial console; SSH telnet; HTTP Web UI; Secured Web (HTTPS); S.E.S.
  • Event Notification: Email; SNMP trap; Browser pop-up windows; Syslog; Windows Messenger.
  • Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
  • Operating Temp: 5 °C to 40 °C
  • Physical Dimensions: 485 (W) x 593 (D) x 132 (H) mm

 Replacement Parts

Unit Pricing and Configuration Options

NOVA 20S Pricing - MSRP listed, contact us for any custom quote.

Nova 20R, no drives. 12 hard drive trays. For SAS drives. #81-N20S $3,995.00
Nova 20S, no drives, w/ cache backup. 16 hard drive trays. #81-N20SB $4,395.00
1TB drive pack for Nova - contains 4 1TB drives #81-DP-1TB CALL
2TB drive pack for Nova - contains 4 2TB drives #81-DP-2TB CALL 
3TB drive pack for Nova - contains 4 3TB drives #81-DP-3TB CALL
4TB drive pack for Nova - contains 4 4TB drives #81-DP-4TB CALL

Maintenance kit- contains power supply, fan module, drive tray.


400 Watt NOVA power supply #81-NOVA-PS $395.00
NOVA blower fan module #81-NOVA-FN $85.00
NOVA replacement drive tray for SAS #81-NOVA-TR $45.00
NOVA replacement drive tray for SATA II #81-NOVA-TRS $75.00
8Gb SFP-LC transceiver #81-8GBXCVR $289.00
3 meter LC-LC fibre cable. #81-890 $29.95
Extended warranty - extends parts/labor coverage to 5 years. #81-N20S-2YR $799.00


Other parts and accessories for the NOVA series are available for quotation. Please contact us at 800-223-3205 or email our support team if your part is not listed.