The NOVA pro line features 8Gb Fibre and 6Gb SAS rackmount RAID disk arrays, offering flexible direct attached storage for industries ranging from SMB to enterprise. Available up to 96TB, expandable with optional JBOD units. Supports all popular RAID levels. Our NOVA RAIDs offer a modular design which maximizes availability. An advanced GUI allows the user to setup, monitor and maintain units with incredible flexibility. 

NOVA professional Fibre series - enterprise storage with amazing flexibility.

The Nova professional Series RAID system implements next generation 8Gb Fibre Channel technology with balanced performance, hybrid interface and rich features, making it a great fit for high performance demanding digital content creating and Enterprise virtualization environments.

The Nova professional series features a 1.2GHz IOP processor with single upgradeable & dual redundant controllers. The 2U/3U/4U compact rackmount enclosures hold 12/16/24 x SSDSAS or SATA drives, and protect all data by RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6,10. With friendly Graphic User Interface, quick setup procedure helps even a non technical user configure a basic storage setup in less than 5 steps. Moreover, the storage capacity can be scalable by connecting through mini SAS expander to JBOD enclosures.

The Nova professional series is the best SAN ready storage solution tailored for multi-streams, multi-clients, uncompressed SD/HD/2K real time production workflow. The high I/O performance and high capacity scalability allows the user to easily manage a highly redundant, provisioning virtualized environment. Nova is perfect for mid to large organizations needing fast, protected on-line data access and backup with maximum uptime.

RaidWeb offers NOVA 8Gb Fibre Channel disk arrays in the following models:

Nova 20S 12 bay 8Gb Fibre single controller, Nova 20R 12 bay 8Gb Fibre dual controller

Nova 30S 16 bay 8Gb Fibre single controller, Nova 30R 16 bay 8Gb Fibre dual controller

Nova 40S 24 bay 8Gb Fibre single controller, Nova 40R 24 bay 8Gb Fibre dual controller