ExaSan - The Ultimate Digital Video Streaming & Storage SAN package!


High Definition has become the standard for digital video creation and deployment. With HD's large file sizes, the need for increased data storage has followed. Until now, Fibre Channel has been the most popular platform for high speed video data transfer. But now, there's ExaSan, a PCI-E based SAN package that exceeds Fibre standards for speed, at a much lower ownership cost. ExaSan contains three disk array options, providing storage capacities of up to 48TB in a 4U profile. The package also contains a PCI-E switch allowing you to cascade up to 28 ExaSan storage units, a 6 or 12 port switch allowing multiple end users to simultaneously access all stored data, and all necessary cables and interface cards. Share all video resources across multiple users, and grow your storage as you need! The more ExaSan units you deploy, the faster the speed!