Maestro 10Gb iSCSI & 8Gb Fibre RAIDs

The Maestro line features 8Gb Fibre and 10Gb iSCSI rackmount RAID disk arrays, offering flexible direct attached storage for industries ranging from SMB to enterprise. Available up to 64TB with support for all popular RAID levels. Our Maestro RAIDs offer a modular design which maximizes availability. An advanced GUI allows the user to setup, monitor and maintain units with incredible flexibility. RaidWeb offers Maestro disk arrays in the following models: 16 bay single controller 8Gb Fibre, 16 bay dual controller 8Gb Fibre, 16 bay single controller 10Gb iSCSI, 16 bay dual controller 10Gb iSCSI

Maestro RAID systems are made the most demanding business and technical applications as well as virtualized environments.

High Performance
The Maestro series is designed for high performance, containing Intel Xeon dual core CPUs and 4GB of DDR III memory to take full advantage of modern hardware and software architecture. These storage systems support the latest connectivity interfaces including 10Gb iSCSI and 8Gb FC hosts as well as 6Gb SAS disk interfaces, perfectly meeting the requirements of mission-critical operations.

High Availability
Maestro features a high-availability design with redundant, hot-swappable hardware components including RAID controllers, power supplies and cooling fans, eliminating single points of failure. With high-availability algorithm, firmware-embedded data protection functions, innovative cache backup module (CacheGuard) to protect cached data during power outage, the Maestro series delivers high-end availability which effectively meets the challenges of modern and future IT and Media environments.

High Scalability and Flexibility
The modular design and simple, easy to use management interface easily scale up storage capacity to more than 240 drives to accommodate business expansion needs. The Maestro series supports flexible drive types (2.5-inch or 3.5-inch, SAS or SATA, various size of hard drives or SSD) to meet the needs for popular storage applications including cloud, data centers, and virtualized environments.


Available models:

Maestro 30R - 8Gb Fibre, dual active/active controllers

Maestro 30S - 8Gb Fibre, single active controller

Maestro 32R - 10Gb iSCSI, dual active/active controllers

Maestro 32S - 10Gb iSCSI, single active controller

All Maestro units come standard with 4GB RAM, quad ports per controller, and an industry leading, intuitive GUI monitoring/setup application.