RaidWeb iSCSI RAID Lines

iSCSI RAID storage systems are designed to deliver cost effective IP-SAN for SMBs and enterprises, using common hardware. Most iSCSI solutions can be attached using existing network hardware (switches, cards, ports). Avaialble in standard 1Gb or super high speed 10Gb Ethernet. Optional active-active redundant controller architecture support seamless controller failover without downtime. High redundancy modules, powerful hardware engine, high scalable expansion options and user-friendly management interface make RaidWeb iSCSI data storage units the best choice for fault tolerance and high performance. Our broad range of products allow anyone from a small shop to a large enterprise to enjoy data security at almost any budget.

Maestro 10Gb ISCSI enterprise RAID  NOVA 10Gb ISCSI enterprise RAID


High Performance
Most iSCSi solutions take advantage of port aggregation, which allows "bundling" ports to increase data throughput. Use all ports or one depending on your transfer needs. Advanced hardware means you don't sacrifice performance even with entry level units. 

High Availability, Scalability, and Flexibility
Redundant, hot-swappable hardware components including RAID controllers, power supplies and cooling fans, eliminating single points of failure. Some features include a high-availability algorithm, firmware-embedded data protection functions, innovative cache backup modules to protect cached data during power outage. 
Modular designs and simple, easy to use management interfaces are designed for ease of installation, use and maintenance. In addition, cost is reduced for future expansion - easily scale up storage capacity from 120-240 drives to accommodate business expansion needs, using optional JBOD data modules.


RaidWeb iSCSI lines:


Maestro enterprise iSCSI RAID. 10Gb iSCSI for blazing data transfer. Available in single or dual controller, rackmount only. Accepts up to 4TB hard drives. Quad iSCSI ports. 2 available models:

Nova 32R 16 bay Dual Controller

Nova 32S 16 bay Single Controller


NOVA SMB to enterprise iSCSI RAID. 1Gb iSCSI for fast data transfer. Available in single controller, rackmount only. Accepts up to 4TB hard drives. Quad iSCSI ports. 

Nova 49S 24 bay Single Controller

Nova 39S 16 bay Single Controller

Nova 29S 12 bay Single Controller