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RaidWeb is pleased to announce the arrival of the ULTIMATE video post-production SAN system...



RaidWeb as a Government Subcontractor


RaidWeb has served as a subcontractor for a large number of government data storage purchases. Our expertise allows you to close more government contract offers profitably.  Our after the sale parts and warranty options also help you generate more peripheral revenue from your clients.


RaidWeb offers:

  1. Fast Quotes: We are committed to handling all quote and product requests within 24 hours, but almost always turn around  inquiries in a few hours.
  2. Price protection: Register an opportunity with us and your low bid price is guaranteed. We won't undercut you by selling directly or placing another contractor in a better position to take your deal.
  3. Product Support: We can handle all product support and details for your offer. We blind drop ship units or parts and provide full warranty support at our facility. We can contact your customer directly if needed or work with you in case a support issue occurs - your choice.
  4. Warranty and Parts: We offer full replacement parts sales, as well as extended warranties. Contractors receive discounts on all parts and warranties, enabling you to make money not just on the unit sale, but in the future when your customer may need a part or additional warranty coverage.
  5. Repeat customers receive additonal discounts and advantages.


Questions? Please contact our contractor specialist, Scott Ross. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800-223-3205.