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Lease RaidWeb Data Storage Devices

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RaidWeb is proud to partner with eLease. Specializing in IT equipment, eLease is an industry leading lease provider offering flexible options and a high approval rate. This strategic partnership makes it easier to manage the cost of your RaidWeb data storage device.

Why Lease Your Data Storage Device?

Leasing offers a faster and more budget friendly option as compared to borrowing, credit and cash. eLease offers approval within two business days after a bid has been selected as opposed to borrowing or credit that can require weeks of waiting prior to obtaining approval. Plus, operating lease payments can be 100% tax deductible when shown as an operating expense. Too see all the ways eLease outweighs more traditional financing options, check out the eLease vs. Borrowing, Credit and Cash matrix.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you choose to lease your data storage dvices or network storage devices through eLease:

Customized Payment Plans: Leasing provides customized payment plans. eLease can tailor your payments to meet the cash flow, budget and cyclical fluctuations of your business.

Leasing Protects You From Obsolescence: eLease has a variety of structures and purchase options, giving you the opportunity to return, renew or purchase the equipment.

Leasing Can Include Additional Soft Costs:You may be able to include training, maintenance and installation costs in your lease-finance agreement with eLease.

Leasing Won't Drain Your Business Credit : By not affecting your bank lines of credit, leasing allows you to preserve your bank lines of credit for other business purposes.

Discover all of the benefits of choosing eLease by reviewing the Why Use eLease brochure.

Applying for eLease

Get started today by filling out the eLease application.

Buyout and Purchase Options

At the end of a term, businesses typically have the following options: Purchase the equipment for fair market value, extend the lease for a pre-determined length of time, or return the equipment at the end of the term. eLease offers additional options designed to suit an array of business needs post the lease of your data storage devices or network storage devices. Choose from the fair market value buyout, 10% Purchase option, 10% put or $1 buyout.